“One Armed Man is a great film. Tim Guinee has brought his tremendous skill and sensitivity as an actor to help shape nuanced and deeply-felt performances from Charles Haid, Terry Kinney, and John Magaro. The film is a beautifully shot, concise, and heartbreaking exploration of the guilt, loss, denial, and psychic and physical violence that comes with being human.”

-Charlie Kaufman, Director: Synecdoche, New York, Writer: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation, being John Malkovich


“Tim Guinee’s One Armed Man is terrific use of the short film form- tight, intense and memorable, featuring deeply-inhabited performances.”

-John Sayles, Director, Lone Star, Eight Men Out


“Tim Guinee’s adaptation of a Horton Foote short play is a great piece of work, I want everyone to see it.”

-Gus Van Sant , Oscar-Nominated director of Milk and Good Will Hunting


“This is an astonishing debut – a film of sustained and powerful intensity that commands your attention from its very first frame and holds onto it till the very last shot. Even then, it’s impossible to get the images and emotions out of your head. At times the societal tension between the characters is so strong it’s almost visceral. It would have been easy to film this Horton Foote story as a bitter fable of our own unequal and unjust times, as indeed it is, but the film is so much more than that. Tim Guinee tells the story through his actors with so much compassion and humanity it’s a marvel to watch. Charles Haid is extraordinary – a bravura performance that rings absolutely true in every swift and subtle emotion and equivocation. This is a director who knows exactly what he wants from his talented cast and crew and has the absolute command of the medium to achieve it. It’s a haunting and unforgettable film – rich in all its details and overwhelming in its total effect.”

-Mick Jackson, Director of The Bodyguard, Volcano, L.A. Story, and Temple Grandin


“One Armed Man is a beautiful film with great performances, particularly Charles Haid – who does extraordinary work invoking the characters whole life before it is taken away. The film has such precision and control in it’s direction and there is not a wasted moment of breath. It really is an exemplary short film and I hope it continues to thrive.”

-James Marsh, Oscar-Winning Director of Man On Wire


“A beautifully acted, wonderfully realized film about blinkered pride and loss and the fatal consequences of the human failure to empathize”

-Don Roos, Writer, Director – The Opposite Of Sex, Marley & Me, Bounce


“This short film is adapted from a play by the late great Horton Foote. It is to the credit of the director, Tim Guinee, that there is nothing theatrical about the film, despite the fact that almost all of the action takes place in one room.  Camera placement and lighting combine to provide a flawless early 20th century atmosphere. Foote’s remarkable ear for dialogue and the perfectly cast actors further combine to produce a triumph that makes one hope Guinee doesn’t limit his interpretation of Foote’s writing to this one film.”

-Bruce Beresford, Director: Tender Mercies, Breaker Morant, Driving Miss Daisy, The Black Robe


“I have been in many of Horton Foote’s films including Tender Mercies and this film is as well made as any of them.”

Robert Duvall, Oscar-Winning Actor and Five-Time Nominee


“I just had the privilege of watching a lovely short film called One Armed Man written by Horton Foote and directed by Tim Guinee. It was a wonderful piece of work that captured my attention from its first frame to its haunting final crane shot.

It is such a simple and elegant film and the performances of the three leads are just perfect in every way. Terry Kinney brings a sad elegance to the character of “Pinkey”. There is one disquieting shot of him through a pane of weathered glass that I will remember for a long time to come and his shambling portrait of a troubled man is quite beautiful. Charles Haid is perfection as the upright, rigid, and doomed cotton boss “Mr Rowe.” I loved every word that came out of his mouth and every gesture he made in the role. John Magaro as the titular ‘one armed man’ “Ned” is equally terrific in the film, playing a baby-faced young man who is both sympathetic and highly dangerous – a difficult combination that he pulls off with apparent ease.

The filmmaking is impeccable and the mood of the piece is pervasive throughout; it’s a film I was sorry to see end. Horton Foote tells beautiful, small, moral tales and Tim Guinee has guided this particular one to it’s obvious yet devastating conclusion with a master’s touch.

See this movie”!

Neil Labute, Writer/Director/Producer – The Company Of Men, The Shape Of Things


“A beautifully filmed, compelling period piece based on a story by the great American writer Horton Foote.  A little gem of a film!”

– Ellen Burstyn, Oscar-Winning Actress – Requiem For A Dream, Resurrection, Same Time Next Year, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, The Exorcist, The Last Picture Show


“Beautifully written, beautifully acted. I really loved it. It’s a stellar piece of work and people should see it.”

– Matt Damon, Actor and Oscar-Winning Writer of Good Will Hunting


“I have known Tim Guinee as an actor for many years. One Armed Man is an extremely well told short story… time and place captured remarkably well… So I will now adjust my thinking and know Tim as actor/director”.

-Melissa Leo, Oscar-Winning Actress for The Fighter, Oscar-Nominated for Frozen River


“Graced with inspired direction from Tim Guinee and performances that are nothing short of incandescent, “One Armed Man” is a masterwork — spare, taut, moving, unsettling and intensely suspenseful. This is not a film that you see and forget. This is a film you carry with you.”

Laura HillenbrandAuthor of Unbroken and Seabiscuit


“An exquisitely rendered film version of Horton Foote’s play, ‘One Armed Man’ is acted superbly by Haid, Kinney and Magaro.  Shot beautifully and directed with confidence and subtlety by Tim Guinee, this short film is a gem. Seriously.”

Ed Harris, 4-time Oscar Nominee, Actor, Director of Pollock & Appaloosa


“An acting tour de force. All the rage, sadness and injustice of important social history compressed into a single room, directed by Tim Guinee with subtlety and an unerring sense of time and place.”

-Edward Zwick, Oscar-winning Producer of Shakespeare In Love and Traffic, Director of Glory, The Siege & Legends Of The Fall


“The film is fantastic. . The actors clearly felt safe and were,each of them, quite brilliant, quite sad. The rhythm and editing is beautiful and appropriate. The writing is tuned to perfect pitch. I am, need it be said, knocked out.”

-Richard Dreyfuss, Oscar-Winning Actor for The Goodbye Girl, Nominated for Mr. Holland’s Opus


“Beautifully acted! All the performances were pitch perfect! The film developed a seemingly small confrontation into something so much more. Quite riveting”!

-Roger Deakins, 11-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer


“One Armed Man is a wonderful piece of work. Tim Guinee’s directing is perfect. Charles Haid is sensational. A riveting performance.”

-Fred Willard, Writer, Actor – Best In Show, Anchorman, Waiting For Guffman


“A vicious little fugue on dignity in pre-War plainspeak, One Armed Man tells a taut, harrowing story in tones of almost biblical simplicity and vengefulness. I loved it.”

-Josh Ritter, Musician


“What a thrill it is when you discover that an actor you’ve always loved and admired is an equally brilliant director. Tim Guinee brings to incandescent life Horton Foote’s wrenching revenge tale. Shot in gorgeous period simplicity, edited with an edge-of-your-seat suspense, and acted to perfection, One Armed Man is a masterwork of short film. See it. Please.”

-Daniel Futterman, Oscar – Nominated writer of Capote


“Beckett with blood”

-Lothaire Bluteau, Actor – Jesus Of Montreal, The Black Robe, Bent


“A stunning telling of Foote’s powerful tale. Beautifully shot, directed, and acted with a palpable respect, frankness, and compassion for both story and character. You’ll want to see it more than once.”

David Strathairn, Oscar-Nominated actor – Good Night And Good Luck


” A beautiful realization of Horton Foote’s brilliance. This is how you do it.”

-Richard Jenkins, Oscar-Nominated actor – The Visitor


“My God, what magnificent work from everyone! Masterfully acted, directed and shot, I was mesmerized by it. A terrifying, haunting and deeply disturbing piece of work. I hope everyone gets to see it soon!”

-Mandy Patinkin, Tony Award winning actor, and star of Showtime’s Homeland


“A wonderful film, One Armed Man is an unflinching look at the price of justification”

-Gary Hume, celebrated, visionary, modern artist


“Tim Guinee, who has starred in both stage and screen collaborations with Foote, has now created, as director, an astonishing film of arguably one of the late great writer’s most compelling stories. Beautifully acted, and shot with rich nuanced detail, ONE ARMED MAN is a riveting film that you won’t soon forget.”

– Michael Wilson, Director of the Broadway productions of Horton Foote’s Dividing The Estate, and Trip To Bountiful (And upcoming film of Trip To Bountiful)


“One Armed Man is a beautifully directed film befitting the legendary Horton Footes exquisite screenplay. Charles Haid is phenomenal. Tim Guinee is a director I cannot wait to work with!”

-Robert Patrick, Actor – Terminator 2, Walk The Line


“One Armed Man is rich cinematic storytelling at it’s finest.  Tim Guinee’s measured and skilled directing evokes an Americana of yore. The acting performances are breathtaking and the art direction is saturated with beautiful authenticity. I loved it.”

– Kristin Lehman, Actress – Motive, The Killing


“One-Armed Man” grabs you from its opening frame and doesn’t let go. Tim Guinee artfully captures Horton Foote’s characters, whose desperate voices are underscored by the relentless machinery of the cotton mill they all depend on, and whose disparate lives become tragically entangled. You’ll be glad you took the time to experience this powerful film.”

-Howard Gordon, Multiple – Emmy-Winning Producer of Homeland, 24, and The x-Files


“One Armed Man by Horton Foote is beautifully realized by debut Director Tim Guinee. This wonderfully atmospheric short film, with excellent performances throughout, would enhance any film festival anywhere in the world. I highly recommend it.”

-Brenda Blethyn, Two Time Oscar nominee for Little Voice and Secrets & Lies


“Actor Tim Guinee, working with the legendary play/screenwriter Horton Foote, has delivered a stunning directorial debut with “One-Armed Man.” With assured camera-work and production design, Guinee has created a Faulknerian world where he has directed great performances from his actors. When the film ended, I was ready to follow Guinee and his characters wherever he wanted to take me.”

-Ramin Bahrani, Award-winning Director of Goodbye Solo, Man Push Cart, and Chop Shop


“Tim Guinee draws simple yet fully realized performances out of a sterling cast!  The lighting and sense of time and place are exquisite.”

– Aidan Quinn, Actor, Legends Of The Fall, The Mission


“This is fantastic. There could not be a better adaptation of this play. The cast is phenomenal”

Anson Mount, Actor – Hell On Wheels


“Seriously. Stop what you’re doing. Go watch One Armed Man. The performances are humorous, human, terrifying, sad and completely stunning. The story is nuanced and quiet, yet twists and coils with a suspense and intensity I didn’t see coming. Tim Guinee’s evocative images and sensitive direction demonstrate a sure, steady hand. This is a very good movie – with a wonderful, poetic script from the legendary Horton Foote – and there’s some genuine shocks too. Check it out.”

-Eric Kripke, Producer – Supernatural, Revolution


“Tim Guinee blends all the right elements together perfectly in this gripping story by Horton Foote. Haid, Kinney, and Magaru are dynamic, you can’t take your eyes off them. A short film not to be missed!”

-Lucy Liu, Actor – Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels


“A marvelous evocation of time and place; the actors are true to both,  giving fresh and nuanced performances. Hats off to director, Tim Guinee, in finding and filming this dark jewel of a story, reminding us all of Horton Foote’s invaluable contribution to the literature of the American South. Eccentric and brave storytelling, the kind of film you won’t find on the big screen but should”

– Peter MacNicol, Actor-Sophie’s Choice, Ghostbusters II, Ally McBeal


“Tim Guinee’s “One Armed Man” is a taut, assured and intense period drama that wisely parallels the conditions of working class Americans today. Tim has drawn performances from actors who are working at the top of their form and shows a real gift for storytelling.”

 -Griffin Dunne, Actor-After Hours, Dallas Buyers Club, Director of the Oscar-Nominated Duke Of Groove


“I just watched a rough cut of the “One Armed Man,” and it is fantastic! Wonderful performances by a stellar cast, beautiful photography and art direction, and of course, a powerful story and script by the masterful Horton Foote. And Tim Guinee’s skillful Direction brings it all together as a very satisfying piece of filmmaking. Very happy for him! With a much darker edge and texture than I expected, this interpretation of Mr. Foote’s work is a revelation. I can’t wait to see the finished film.”

Jay Russell, Director of My Dog Skip and Ladder 49


“One Armed Man’s Director of Photography David Tumblety completes a trifecta of great storytelling: Directing, Acting, and Cinematography all richly in evidence with this telling of Horton Foote’s short story.”

-James L Carter, Cinematographer – Ladder 49, My Dog Skip


“In his impressive directional debut, Tim Guinee has made a gem of a film. Exquisitely shot, featuring three powerhouse performances, ONE ARMED MAN is a cinematic sister to Shirley Jackson’s THE LOTTERY and the haunting stories of Flannery O’Connor. Based on the hard-hitting one-act play by Horton Foote, Guinee’s terrific film transported me back to a seemingly simpler time and then, once I felt safe there, proceeded to kick me (satisfyingly) in the gut.”

Peter Hedges, Writer/Director-What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, Dan In Real Life


 “Charles Haid gives a masterful performance in The One Armed Man. Tim Guinee handles the story with graceful authority. He is elegant and assured behind the camera.”

John Carpenter, Director of Halloween, The Thing


“Charlie Haid, Terry Kinney, and John Magaro are all terrific in Horton Foote’s One Armed Man. Beautifully directed by Tim Guinee, this independent dramatic short would make Horton proud”.

Gary Sinise, Actor, Director


Tim Guinee’s film “One Armed Man” filled me with overwhelming charges of electricity like one would experience if meeting a long lost lover or family member. His realisation of Horton Foote’s eloquent script reminds me of why I became an actor. It’s that subtle yet incredible detail of psychology that fascinates all of us. Vulnerability, power, empathy and survival will drive every human being at some point in their lives and through this film and it’s beautiful performances one can’t help but look inward at our own faults and strengths. I’ve know Tim for only a few years now but am constantly surprised by his insight, compassion and skill. Obviously with a well chosen team, including art department, costume, production design and composers Tim has offered up a piece of work that will not only resonate, it will lead us back in the direction of the cinematic artistry that we all crave. And let’s face it……..That’s what we always remember……

-Guy Pearce, Actor – Momento, The King’s Speech, L.A. Confidential


“I just finished watching a rough cut of ONE ARMED MAN. It’s a truly fantastic film. Great performances, cinematography, editing, and the directing ain’t so bad either. Watch for this film to be welcomed by many, many festivals all over the world. Beyond that, it will garner acclaim for Tim’s directing and hopefully lead to more fine films from his great creative mind.”

Ali Selim, Director of Sweet Land


“One Armed Man is concise, precise, compelling, beautifully shot, impeccably acted, surprisingly timely, and deeply American. Director Tim Guinee brings Horton Foote’s at once personal and mythic vision to startling life.”

-Dan O’BrienPlaywright, Poet, Librettist: The Body Of An American


“Tim Guinee’s direction of his short film based on Horton Foote’s “One-Armed Man” is both skillful and sensitive. With this film, Tim has added an entirely new dimension to his impressive body of work as an actor”

Owen Roizman, ASC, 5 Time Oscar nominated Cinematographer of The French Connection, Network, The Exorcist, Tootsie, and Wyatt Earp


“I was immediately drawn into this simple story. Tim Guinee tells it to us with great skill. Starting with the pace and the color palette. Every frame is beautifully thought through and it’s a memorable work of art.”

-Isaac Mizrahi, Fashion Designer, Emmy-Nominated Costume Designer, Actor, Producer


“Two thumbs up for One Armed Man. Tim Guinee has created a sharply observed and accomplished period drama, believably evoking the time and traditions of the early 20thCentury American South, Guinee’s film establishes Mr. Foote’s richly drawn characters with both intensity and economy, allowing the drama to unfold in an intensifying and fateful progression. Charlie Haid is marvelously pompous as the self-important cotton gin owner lecturing his meek and ill-paid accountant, the excellent Terry Kinney, on the immorality of his debt. His tune changes in expertly modulated degrees when John Magaro’s desperate one-armed man comes to claim a debt of his own. The performances from the three principals are uniformly superb, and director Guinee displays both command and restraint in weaving together the conflicting personalities and ratcheting predicament”.

Rick Heinrichs, Oscar-winning Production Designer of such films The Big Lebowski, Fargo, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and Edward Scissorhands


“I just saw One Armed Man, a short film, written by Horton Foote and directed by Tim Guinee. What a powerful and gorgeous piece of work. Not only does Tim honor Horton’s world meticulously; the performances are deeply intimate and painfully honest. Charlie Haid is heartbreaking; he has never been better. Terry Kinney reminds us of how extraordinary he can be. And John Magaro, a new actor to many, takes his place among the great new character actors of his generation. The film takes us to that glorious heightened place we crave as an audience, rooting for each of these broken men, not knowing what will happen, and fearing the outcome. Well done, Tim Guinee and crew. Such an exciting film.”

Risa Bramon Garcia, director, casting director, teacher, writer


“Praise for Horton Foote’s One Armed Man! It is dramatically disturbing yet poignantly funny! Bravo!

Giancarlo Esposito, Actor – Breaking Bad


“I’ve rarely seen a filmed version of Horton’s material that held this much tension, that was so kinetically compelling. And the arc of the piece was beautiful…I had no idea what was coming. The sense of camera placement and movement was subtly elegant…it didn’t detract one iota from the material – it added to the to the dramatic tension, and flow of the piece. Haid gives a masterful performance worthy of Shakespeare (in it’s scope), Kinney delivers a touching character of flawed decency, and John Magaro is absolutely mesmerizing as the one armed man. Tim Guinee has directed a simple, profound, disturbing, beautiful film”.

Ed Johnston, Casting Director – The Apostle, A Night In Old Mexico, Miss Meadows


“One Armed Man has a timeless nature that lends so much to the raw power of the words and the primal core of the story. The performances are incredible and the direction is so balanced that I keep finding deeper metaphors in the story. The Story wins and that is a great and rare achievement”.

-Skeet Ulrich, Actor – As Good As It Gets, Scream, Jericho


“One Armed Man is a beautifully directed and acted film. The film addresses class,hope and shame and tells a big story in a very short amount of screen time.”

-April Webster, Casting Director: Criminal Minds, CSI, Lost


“One Armed Man is what all films try to be: a perfect visual expression of a powerful story. Charles Haid’s remarkable performance drives the audience through a landscape of humor and horror. Tim Guinee’s storytelling is invisible. The camera captures a time in transition, filled with beauty and mystery. At it’s heart is terror. One Armed Man does justice to Horton Foote’s story of fate on the loose, on the run, headed towards us without remorse.”

-Stephen Tobolowsky, Actor – Momentous, Groundhog Day, Thelma And Louise


“Beautifully photographed. Deeply felt. Fantastically well-acted. One Armed Man is a tense, eerie and utterly believable examination of our longing for justice, and the modern worlds complex response to that longing. Are we responsible for our machines? If not, who is? I loved this film!”

-Jordan Roberts, Writer – March Of The Penguins, Director – Around The Bend, Frankie Go Boom


 “From the first frame of the movie to the last, it is impossible to distance yourself from what’s happening on screen. The cast of characters is impeccable. Every actor is engulfed in serving the story with such generosity and talent that the human tale instantly becomes an epic drama.  One Armed Man is a short movie, but it carries the power and visual grandeur of the best feature-films.In his directional debut, celebrated actor Tim Guinee manages to blend his visual sense of poetry (I say he is a great painter) while following his precise and meaningful directing instinct. The result is rare and magnificent: a beautiful film, subtle yet solid, where nothing is left to chance, but which feels like a fluid improvisation.Bravo!

Philippe PetitHigh Wire Artist


“I’m at a bit of a loss. The fuckin’ thing is gorgeous. Insanely well crafted. Every god damn frame dripping with texture. The performances are superb, the photography is fucking jaw-dropping. Honestly, I’m blown away. Absolutely loved it.”

Billy Burke, Actor – The Twilight movies, Revolution, Red Riding Hood


“Hauntingly spare and taut with tension, Horton Foote’s One Armed Man as directed by actor/director Tim Guinee is engaging from the very first frame. Guinee’s thoughtful casting and careful direction creates a plausible past, shaping the period elements in such a way as to timelessly connect with contemporary themes. Simple yet powerful, production values infuse the work with resonance and impending doom. Foote’s compelling story, characters, and dialogue are multiplied to great effect in Guinee’s hands.”

Nelson Coates, Production Designer – Flight


“Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, glorious pacing and inventive staging. Amazing job. I really loved it.”

-Dax Shepard, Actor, Director, Writer – Parenthood, Idiocracy, Hit and Run


“One Armed Man is a reminder that acting is subtle and profound. I love the characters, the soft beauty and wisdom in this film”!

-Mariel Hemmingway, Oscar-Nominated Actor, Manhattan, Star 80


“One Armed Man is beautiful. From the slow long shots to the minute details. The actors were simply amazing. I’m pissed I wasn’t in it. As an old factory worker who cut his thumb in half on a saw, got it stitched back on and had to finish my shift, the story really touched me. I know it’s a period piece but the employer-employee relationship (bosses are arrogant and out of touch and workers are non-human machines to be discarded when broken) still holds up in manufacturing all over the world”.

-Tom Arnold, Actor/Comedian – True Lies, Nine Months


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