Jean-Yves Münch (Sound Recordist) is a professional sound recordist working with classical ensembles, contemporary musical forms and audio visual arts.

As principal location sound mixer for feature and documentary films, Jean-Yves travels and records sound around the world.

His initial studies in film sound engineering and acoustics were conducted at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière in Paris.

He established his studio home-base, Studio du Marais, in Saugatuck, Michigan in 2006.

His work has been cited for numerous awards, including those presented at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, Columbus (OH) Film Festival, Katmandu Int’l Film Festival, and the International Mountain & Adventure Filmfestival Graz (Ö), amongst others.

Since 2005, Jean-Yves has served as principal recording engineer for the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra.

In June 2013 Jean-Yves wrapped Rachid Bouchareb’s last film, Enemy Way, staring Brenda Blethyn, Forest Whitaker, Harvey Keitel and Tim Guinee.

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