One Armed Man To Screen At The Breckenridge Festival Of Film!

Offical Selection
We’re exuberant about announcing our inclusion in the Breckenridge Festival of Film in September. (As always, we’ll post exact screening times on our screening page as they come in)
Since 1981, the Breckenridge Festival of Film has presented events year-round celebrating the art of filmmaking. The festival itself is a four-day program providing unique and varied film fare seldom available to residents of, and visitors to, Summit County, Colorado.

During the festival weekend, a multitude of films in different genres are presented alongside educational workshops and events to present a relaxed atmosphere in which guests are readily accessible to filmmakers. Writers, directors, producers and performing artists attend to discuss their work with audiences in informal sessions following film screenings, at receptions and film forums.

The Breckenridge Festival of Film provides an opportunity for filmmakers to express themselves and interact with audiences in a laid back casual atmosphere and to mingle with and make contacts with industry people. We welcome and appreciate the creative talents of all the filmmakers we’ve met over the years and look forward to meeting more. Breckfilmfest is “the filmmaker’s film festival”

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